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SuZhou TouchWire Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Contacts :  Justin chen / Peter Lee

Mobile:+86 15952451695 /13771642652

Wechat: chenpingtao2013

QQ: 1525540360


Email: chenpingtao@touch-wire.com justinchen@lvdscable-sgc.com

Website: https://www.Touch-Wire.com

Add:3F,Building 7,NO38 LuZhi RD,LuZhi Town,WuZhong district,SuZhou city ,CN, 215127


Mobile:+86 15952451695 /13771642652

Tel:+86 15952451695

Whatsapp:SKYPE: chenpingtao

Email:chenpingtao@touch-wire.com, justinchen2022@163.com

Add:3F,Building 7, zhongzhu creative industry park, luzhi town, wuzhong district, suzhou city,China,215127

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