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SuZhou TouchWire Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professioinal cable manufacture.We have production bases,At present, We are two automatic production lines.dedicating to Small Guage Coaxial cable,MCX cable, KEL CABLE, IPEX Cable,LVDS cable,eDP cable, Wire harness assembly...used in LCD products or LCD products related,like: laptop,LCD monitor,LCD AD player,Netbook, Cellphone,Digital camera,PDA, LCD TV,GPS,Medical equipmen.....


Mobile:+86 15952451695 /13771642652

Tel:+86 15952451695

Whatsapp:SKYPE: chenpingtao

Email:chenpingtao@touch-wire.com, justinchen2022@163.com

Add:3F,Building 7, zhongzhu creative industry park, luzhi town, wuzhong district, suzhou city,China,215127

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