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SuZhou TouchWire Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professioinal cable manufacture.We have production bases,At present, We are two automatic production lines.dedicating to Small Guage Coaxial,MCX cable, LVDS CABLE, Micro Coaxial Cable,With over 12 years' development, we have already become the production base of high end LVDS cable in SuZhou. Most of our products are pulled into the markets of North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. We establish long-term stable relationships with a large number of the customers......

High Display AND Solder CON

We use HD CCD and automatic solding machine to solder connectors(such as:IPEX20453,IPEX20680,IPEX20846 ,IPEX20438,IPEX20380, IPEX20877,IPEX20788,IPEX20633,JAE FI-RE51CL,JAE FI-VHP50CL,HRS FX15S,HRS DF56, HRS DF80, All of the IPEX Series, JAE Series,HRS Series ,ACES Series....) ,to ensure that the solder PAD is OK, So good quality and high efficiency.To meet customer demand as the highest purpose, depending on the product quality as enterprise's life

Japan AVIO Hotbar  Machine

We use the AVIO Hotbar machine imported from Japan to solder the GroundBar, effectively transmit EMI and promote EMS to meet the requirements of EMC, which is the best shielding effect at present...


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