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IPEX CABLE, Double IPEX 20345-040T, 20346-040T

  • IPEX  CABLE, Double IPEX 20345-040T, 20346-040T
IPEX  CABLE, Double IPEX 20345-040T, 20346-040T

IPEX CABLE, Double IPEX 20345-040T, 20346-040T

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  • Product description:SGC CABLE, Double IPEX 20346-040T, UL1354 40AWG micro coaxial cable, Flat cable....

Product Description

SGC CABLE, Double IPEX 20346-040T, UL1354 40AWG  MICRO COAXIAL CABLE, Flat cable....

Connectors we use:


I-PEX:SS 20373 20380/V 20346  20347/IV 20326/MS 20395/TL 20421 20410/FPL J 20321/II 20142/FPL 20320 20319 /VS 20453 / 20846/ 20728

I-PEX:CA 20524 20523 20525 20633 20737/20497 20498/UXII 20532;

Honda:LVC /LVX /LVD;
Matsushita:AXC52401, AXT540124, AXT640124, AXK8L40125;
Kyocera Elco:5374

Cable type: 22AWG,24AWG,26AWG,28AWG,30AWG,32AWG
For Micro Coaxial Cable UL1354 34AWG,36AWG,38AWG,40AWG,42AWG,46AWG
Cable color: Any colors
Connectors: JAE, HRS, JST, AMP, Dupont, I-pex, Molex, YH, ACES, FCI, DDK, UJU, JWT, Panasonic connectors.
Cable Length: As requested
Processing ways: Crimping, pressing and soldering types.
Pin out connection: As per customer's request(customer can send the datasheets of LCD and mainboard to us).
Connector pitch range: 0.3mm-5.08mm
Features Good transferring, clearly pictures, no shaking, and transfer issues
Advantages: Manufacturing factory;
Competitive price and quality;
Short lead time.

Applications: LCD/Display/Advertising machine/Phone/Laptop/Computer/PDA/Medical equipment
Camera/LCM/Notebook/tablet PC/ HDD

ISO certificate: ISO9001:2008
Service: OEM/ODM products are acceptable.
More information: ISO/RoHS/UL
Performance Test: 100% electrical and electricity performance test

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SuZhou TouchWire Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was set up in 2010 and located in Suzhou City,Our
company is a professioinal cable manufacture.We have production bases,At present, We are two
automatic production lines.dedicating to Small Guage Coaxial,MCX cable, KEL CABLE, Micro Coaxial
Cabl,Micro-Coaxial lvds cable....
Specialized: lvds cable,eDP CABLE, SGC cable, LCD CABLE, wire harness assembly, IPEX cable,V-BY-ONE CABLE,
Round cable, ACES 88441,ACES 91209-01011,IPEX 20453,20455, 20523,20525,20728 ,20437,20438,20380,20788
,20679,20680,20682,20633,20846,20645,20877,HRS FX15S,DF36,DF56, JAE FI-RE51CL,HRS cable, JAE cable, FI-X30
cable,flat cable, Male displayport cable, Female connector ,IDC cable, IDE cable ,signal kable, lvds edp kable......



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